What you need to Know about Nail Fungus

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Nail fungus is a fungal disease commonly referred to as onychomycosis. The primary cause is a fungus known as a dermatophyte. It often begins as a yellow or white spot beneath your fingernail or the toenail and located explicitly under the tip. The disease then progresses to cause discoloration and thickening of the nail. Your nail may also crumble.

Symptoms of nail fungus

•A thickened nail

•Ragged nail ends

•Nails become distorted

•In most cases the nails are painless

•In chronic stages, your nail becomes dark in color and slightly foul-smelling

Nail fungus care

Most people associate nail fungus with poor hygiene. However, this is not always the case; it can occur in people who observe hygiene. The major contributing factor causing fungal infection is the use of certain cosmetics. How do you care for your nails?

1.Maintain hygiene

Although the lack of sanitation is not the leading cause of the fungal disease, it is essential to ensure your nails are clean. A dirty environment is a suitable habitat for most fungi; thus, if your toenails or fingernails are dirty, they will encourage the growth of these microorganisms.

Another aspect of maintaining hygiene is trimming your nails and filing them appropriately. The nail clippers should be kept hygienically.

2.Change your socks regularly

You can either opt to change them frequently or to wear socks that can absorb sweat. Your feet should be in a moisture-free atmosphere to discourage a habitat of fungi.

3.Avoid artificial nails

Naturally maintain your nails and avoid any polish or artificial nails. Clean natural nails will not be a suitable environment for fungus growth.

4.Ensure your shoes have a breathing space

Make sure there is a flow of air in your shoes. Fresh air will keep your foot healthy from the fungus.

Bottom line

Nail fungus occurs commonly in older people, people with a weak immune system, and in areas of low blood circulation. However, healthy people of different ages can also experience this condition.

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How to Make Sure Your Small Wedding is a Memorable One

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How to Make Sure Your Small Wedding is a Memorable One

Every bride wants to make their wedding one that the guests will remember for years to come but many hold back when they feel that they don’t have enough money to hold a big event. If you have a small budget there are ways that you can plan your wedding so that it is a unique event that will leave every guest feeling pleased that they were included. The most important thing is to stop thinking so much about the budget, but rather focus on how you can use the money you have creatively. This doesn’t mean that you go garish and cheap – if you look to the right places for inspiration there is plenty that you can do on a limited budget.

Here are some ideas:

• Enlist help – true, friends and family are busy, but if you ask them for help they will most likely oblige you. Pick each of them for their strengths. If, for example, you have a friend of relative who is known to do wonders in the kitchen they can help you come up with an amazing budget, saving you money on catering. You can do the same for the cake, flowers, music and other aspects of your wedding that may otherwise cost you a lot of money.

• Plan well in advance. Ask any bride who spent a fortune on their wedding and they will tell you that a significant portion was from unforeseen last minute emergencies. You can avoid this if you plan everything well ahead. Come up with comprehensive lists that cover all areas. Don’t forget that you have a helper ready at hand – there are plenty of websites that can help you plan a wedding.

• The day is about you and your husband to be, so avoid taking everyone else’s opinion too seriously. Oftentimes families will want their ideas included but these may end up costing you a lot of money. If anyone is really keen on including something that is not on your list they can pay for it, and only then if you are happy to have it as part of your wedding.

• Getting married off peak is one way to get a great venue without parting with lots of money. While it would be great to get married in the summer or spring you should consider a date that doesn’t fall within these months and enjoy a venue discount.

Lastly, don’t forget that your wedding is supposed to be fun – don’t let all the planning get to you!

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Despite Increased Police Numbers, Assaults Occur in Cologne Festival

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cologne festival photo


Despite having more than 2,000 policemen from all over Germany, the Cologne festival that started on 8th Feb 2016 still experienced attacks – 22 sexual assaults were reported on the first day of the three day festival. There have been tensions in the city since more than 100 women reported that they were assaulted on New Year’s Eve as they came into the city to enjoy the night’s festivities. According to victims, the attackers appeared to be migrants of North African descent.

Germany has welcomed more migrants than other countries in Europe and the attitude towards them has generally been a tolerant one. Many Germans were happy to help the migrants who arrived in late 2015 in any way they could – they contributed to charities, offered food and clothing and some even opened up their homes to newly arriving migrants who had no place else to go. There are some cities in the country that are skeptical about the large numbers but Cologne was one of the ones that welcomed the migrants with open arms.

That, however, changed after the New Year attacks. Many women are now afraid to go out in the dark and some even feel that they have to change the way they dress because of the comments that the migrants gave during the assaults. According to one of the victims who did not want to be named, “They were feeling me with their hands all over my body and asking if I liked it. They said they were attracted by my short skirt and if I did not want to be assaulted I should have dressed appropriately.”

It is reports like these that have prompted many to question whether the newly arrived migrants are assimilating and whether they are ready to accept German culture. Most migrants into Europe come from Islamic countries where women are treated very differently. For one, they have to wear full length clothing in order to cover themselves. There are many other cultural differences that might prove to be difficult to deal with in the future.


Cologne Festival

Police numbers were beefed up for the Cologne festival to prevent such attacks but it seems some were not to be deterred from criminal behavior. Attacks still occurred but in much smaller numbers. Police will continue to enforce the law on the carnival grounds but attendees have also been asked to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behavior. There are several spots set up on the grounds for women who feel particularly vulnerable – if a woman feels that an attack is imminent she should immediately go to the center closest to her.

Festival numbers were also affected, with fewer people attending than in the past.  It is easy to understand why when you consider what some of the festivities are every year. Women cut men’s ties into half and give them a kiss on the cheek. Most people are also dressed up in costumes and may be hard to identify, which made many women stay away from the festival this year.

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Couples focus on centerpiece

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It is always the interest of the bridal couple to capture the theme of their wedding by choosing the best centerpieces. The couple merges different experiences with other people to come ensure that they create a lot of memories.

Flowers come in different variations readily available in colors that match the décor. They can be displayed without coordinating them with any other assortments or better still match them with any items that will be used on that day.

flowers centerpiece

Edible Ideas It is goodto include centerpieces that are creative in nature. These centerpieces can double as favors and are a good way of cutting down expenses and the labor used in cleaning as well as in the creation of the same. For instance, a vase filled with chocolates that are candy-covered or a basket filled with some sweet almonds. Boxes filled with cookies can also be put at the middle of the table and to capture the eye of the guest.

candles centerpiece

Candles are an essential part of the centerpieces. They are Chosen of different heights to illuminate the set tables and ensure the room feels and looks intimate. Beautiful and inexpensive ones can be chosen to make the place glow. Placing them on a silver or mirror plate reflects the light more and hence illuminating the space much better.

balloons centerpiece

Balloons have a magnificent power of making the place look more colorful and avoid the monotony of having only flowers. Balloons are cheaper as compared to the flowers and they fill a space more quickly.

Fruits Centerpiece

Fruits Apples, lemons, oranges and any other type are quite a turn on and will catch the eye of the guests. A basket or a vase that is clear filled with these fruits showing their different colors looks beautiful and attractive. To avoid wastage, they can be carried home to be eaten later.

Centerpice photo frame in olive oil

Photo in olive oil centerpiece

Framed photos will draw attention to the family of the couple in question whether living or dead. They may be inclusive of the dating days of the couple or even choose to include attendants that they wish to recognize.

Wildflowers are more exceptional than the exotic ones. They can be picked freshly and placed in vases that have water for the ones that are succulent.

wild flowers centerpiece

Beads and baubles a bowl filled with assortments like shells, beads, crystals or rocks are a simple makeup. Mixed with candles, decorative beads increase the appeal.

Themed objects items that match the theme make a good centerpiece. Watering cans, birdhouses, jars of honey attained locally, birdcage be included. A carved pumpkin fits a fall wedding, while a sand pail supplements a summer weather wedding.

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An event hire can help you find what you need for weddings and other parties

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Furniture and marquees can sometimes be two of the most important items that you need to think about when you are planning wedding. Marquees for weddings can set the atmosphere of the whole event, and it is important to make sure that there is adequate searing for all of your guests, which is why a marquee hire is one of the best options that you can choose when it comes to finding everything you need in one convenient location. Marquee companies will usually provide not only the wedding marquees, but chair hire as well.

internal frame marqueesA party marquee can be found in a variety of sizes and designs, and there will certainly be enough room for all of the chair and tables that you need. In many cases there is also enough room for the catering people to come in and do their job without having to worry about them being in the way. A marquee wedding can even come equipped with a dance floor if that is what you choose. A garden marquee, also great for outdoor weddings, can be more open than traditional marquees for hire. The size and style that you choose should depend on the events that they will be used for, as well as the overall feel that you are trying to achieve when decorating.

Marquees for venues that do not have an alternate option for shelter can be found where the sides are closed in with plastic windows, so that it feels more like a building with the ground under your feet. Marquees for garden parties are likely to be more open without the sides closing it in. it is possible to get the best of both of those, however, if you are looking for marquees for weddings. If it is left open slightly you are leaving room for catering hire to come in unnoticed by you and your guests. The options are endless.

An event hire can help you find what you need for weddings and other parties, making it easier to have all of your services come from one company. Although you can find marquees for sale it is sometimes just easier to hire one instead. If you would rather find something that you can have on hand for future events, Casablanca Hire can help you find what you need that offers something more neutral that can be used for a variety of parties. Marquees for weddings can offer a touch of the indoors when the weather starts to bring you down, but it is not the only reason you should find one for your next big affair.

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Factors to consider when hiring and setting up Marquees

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What marquee style do you want

What marquee style do you want?

While the common impression is that marquee hire is a hustle-free arrangement, it is not always the case. While it is budget friendly, the amount of work involved in setting up among other factors could be quite tiring. However, with the tips below, you will find it simple creating a successful event even if you have no professional background.

What marque style do you want? Primarily, you need to determine the kind of marquee that you wish. That depends on factors such as the type of event in question; the number of guests expected as well the venue. Issues that are more complex include things such as flowers or trees that you would like to incorporate into the setting.

Gather information

Gather information: since most people do it on their own for they have no money to hire professionals, it is imperative that you acquaint yourself with the basics. You will find a lot of information online. Again, most people from chair hire and marquee hire companies are always more than willing to help in whichever way they can.

Parking space

Parking space: most venues lack in parking area. It is important that where parking space gets allocated there be a solid ground leading to the marquee. If it were to rain, people would find it hard walking on the muddy ground. The path should also stay well lit so that guests can find their way back to the cars easily. At times, if there is utterly no parking space, you can opt to have the guests park elsewhere and provide shuttle services to and from the venue.

Sanitation and hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene: when people come to your event, they will need to wash hands, go to the toilet among other personal needs. Therefore, you have to ensure there is plenty of clean water and make a point of hiring mobile toilets. Most of these things will need power, so contact your provider before deciding on the kind of power generator you hire.


Accessibility: Accessibility is not only necessary for the guests attending the event but for the suppliers as well. Remember, they will bring in the equipment using big Lorries and vans. Therefore, assess the venue early enough and explain any perceived difficulties to them beforehand. It helps in avoiding last minute frustrations.


Food: catering hire is an integral part towards achieving success in your event. Ensure the chairs hired are enough as well as tables and any other furniture deemed necessary. The food could be well prepared but without adequate space, the visitors would not enjoy their meals.

Interior décor

Interior décor: up until lately, people just set up open sided marquees with a few tables and no inner linings or decorations for that matter. However, the situation has improved over the years as many styles mushroom by the day. Read widely on decorations and you will find yourself doing something unique and out of the ordinary all by yourself.

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Why hiring marquee companies is such a good idea?

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marquee decorations

If you have a wedding or any other event coming up and are having problems finding a venue you should consider marquee hire. This way, all you need is a backyard. Marquee hire business offer a wide range of marquees that you can choose from which gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to layout. There are marquees for weddings, marquees for garden parties, party marquees – really, you can get a marquee for literally any event. There are several reasons why hiring marquee companies is such a good idea:

• The first thing is that you are not restricted at all in the way that you decorate – you are literally starting with a blank canvas and you can do whatever you like with it. When you hold an event indoors you have to decorate based on the existing layout. Marquees allow you to choose a shape, colors, lighting, furniture and everything else.

• Marquees come in different sizes and you can choose whatever will fit in the space that you have. One problem with hiring venues is that they usually tend to be to big and you have to pay for space that you are not using. With a marquee, you only pay for space that you will use.

marquee dimensions

• You can easily change the layout in a marquee with screens and curtains to create separate rooms. If you are having a wedding, for instance, you may want to have a changing area for the bridal party. You can also keep food in a separate area to avoid contamination. If you are having a party and there will be dancing you will definitely want a separate dance floor. You can create these spaces using screens with no trouble at all. This is not usually possible with indoor rental spaces. In addition to that, if you have fair weather you can take off the walls and enjoy the sunshine.

• Compared to hiring an indoor venue marquee hire is relatively cheap. Marquee companies are increasing in number and because of competition they are lowering their prices over time. So long as you have your own space, like a backyard, you will save money that you can direct to improving other aspects of the event. You also avoid the additional cost of staff that usually comes with hiring an indoors venue.

• With a marquee company you don’t have to worry about setting up at all – the marquee company will send employees along with the tent to erect it. If you want they can provide catering staff at an additional fee. In fact, many of them are in touch with caterers and they are happy to arrange for food and drinks for their clients. Once your event is over they will come and clear everything away.

There is no reason you should pay more to have your event when you can easily call a marquee company.

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