Couples focus on centerpiece

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It is always the interest of the bridal couple to capture the theme of their wedding by choosing the best centerpieces. The couple merges different experiences with other people to come ensure that they create a lot of memories.

Flowers come in different variations readily available in colors that match the décor. They can be displayed without coordinating them with any other assortments or better still match them with any items that will be used on that day.

flowers centerpiece

Edible Ideas It is goodto include centerpieces that are creative in nature. These centerpieces can double as favors and are a good way of cutting down expenses and the labor used in cleaning as well as in the creation of the same. For instance, a vase filled with chocolates that are candy-covered or a basket filled with some sweet almonds. Boxes filled with cookies can also be put at the middle of the table and to capture the eye of the guest.

candles centerpiece

Candles are an essential part of the centerpieces. They are Chosen of different heights to illuminate the set tables and ensure the room feels and looks intimate. Beautiful and inexpensive ones can be chosen to make the place glow. Placing them on a silver or mirror plate reflects the light more and hence illuminating the space much better.

balloons centerpiece

Balloons have a magnificent power of making the place look more colorful and avoid the monotony of having only flowers. Balloons are cheaper as compared to the flowers and they fill a space more quickly.

Fruits Centerpiece

Fruits Apples, lemons, oranges and any other type are quite a turn on and will catch the eye of the guests. A basket or a vase that is clear filled with these fruits showing their different colors looks beautiful and attractive. To avoid wastage, they can be carried home to be eaten later.

Centerpice photo frame in olive oil

Photo in olive oil centerpiece

Framed photos will draw attention to the family of the couple in question whether living or dead. They may be inclusive of the dating days of the couple or even choose to include attendants that they wish to recognize.

Wildflowers are more exceptional than the exotic ones. They can be picked freshly and placed in vases that have water for the ones that are succulent.

wild flowers centerpiece

Beads and baubles a bowl filled with assortments like shells, beads, crystals or rocks are a simple makeup. Mixed with candles, decorative beads increase the appeal.

Themed objects items that match the theme make a good centerpiece. Watering cans, birdhouses, jars of honey attained locally, birdcage be included. A carved pumpkin fits a fall wedding, while a sand pail supplements a summer weather wedding.

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Why hiring marquee companies is such a good idea?

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marquee decorations

If you have a wedding or any other event coming up and are having problems finding a venue you should consider marquee hire. This way, all you need is a backyard. Marquee hire business offer a wide range of marquees that you can choose from which gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to layout. There are marquees for weddings, marquees for garden parties, party marquees – really, you can get a marquee for literally any event. There are several reasons why hiring marquee companies is such a good idea:

• The first thing is that you are not restricted at all in the way that you decorate – you are literally starting with a blank canvas and you can do whatever you like with it. When you hold an event indoors you have to decorate based on the existing layout. Marquees allow you to choose a shape, colors, lighting, furniture and everything else.

• Marquees come in different sizes and you can choose whatever will fit in the space that you have. One problem with hiring venues is that they usually tend to be to big and you have to pay for space that you are not using. With a marquee, you only pay for space that you will use.

marquee dimensions

• You can easily change the layout in a marquee with screens and curtains to create separate rooms. If you are having a wedding, for instance, you may want to have a changing area for the bridal party. You can also keep food in a separate area to avoid contamination. If you are having a party and there will be dancing you will definitely want a separate dance floor. You can create these spaces using screens with no trouble at all. This is not usually possible with indoor rental spaces. In addition to that, if you have fair weather you can take off the walls and enjoy the sunshine.

• Compared to hiring an indoor venue marquee hire is relatively cheap. Marquee companies are increasing in number and because of competition they are lowering their prices over time. So long as you have your own space, like a backyard, you will save money that you can direct to improving other aspects of the event. You also avoid the additional cost of staff that usually comes with hiring an indoors venue.

• With a marquee company you don’t have to worry about setting up at all – the marquee company will send employees along with the tent to erect it. If you want they can provide catering staff at an additional fee. In fact, many of them are in touch with caterers and they are happy to arrange for food and drinks for their clients. Once your event is over they will come and clear everything away.

There is no reason you should pay more to have your event when you can easily call a marquee company.

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4 Tips How To Decorate A Marquee

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4 Tips How To Decorate A Marquee

Marquees are ideal for market stalls, festival stalls as well as wedding reception venues. They are rather popular among all sorts of users due to their general properties. Namely, marquees are very easy to set up and do not require a lot of effort. Furthermore, marquees are just as easy to remove, or maybe change their location.

When it comes to weddings, follows of newlyweds choose to have their wedding reception in a marquee. This gives them a range of possibilities and options, from choosing their location, to not having to worry about the number of the guests who will attend, or the noise which to guests are to make.

When it comes from decorating a marquee, and this is especially true for marquees which are used as wedding reception venues, it is really important how you decorate the marquee. Furthermore, you can decorate it in many different ways. Here are four tips when it comes to decorating a marquee.

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  1. Overall Theme

The decorations in your marquee should match will the overall theme of the celebration.  If you are celebrating a wedding, or having the wedding reception in a marquee, you can be creative when it comes to decorating.  However, if you are using your marquee as a festival stall or a market stall, be careful with decorating and make sure and that it is suitable for the given occasion.

  1. Functionality

marqueesSure, you can pull it all sorts of ribbons and bows in your marquee, as well as various balloons and lanterns – however, you should be careful when it comes to functionality!  If you put too many decorations in your marquee you will make it look tacky.  Furthermore, your decoration should be functional.  Therefore we’re should avoid the kind of decoration which only gets in the way of the guests and your celebration.  Ultimately, everything you want is for your guests to have a great time.

  1. Fulfill Your Dreams

When it comes to decoration you can really use your imagination and fulfill your dreams.  Marquees are big enough and spacious enough to allow you to play with decorating and really show your creativity and your talent.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard

Marquees7045One thing to have in mind, though, is trying not to go overboard with decorations.  Sometimes when we try to do something spectacular, it can come off as loud or tacky. In order to preserve good taste and common sense try not to go overboard with decorating the marquee and keep your expectations of decoration realistic. Moreover, I would like to remind you of yet another aspect of decorating: just like you had to set up the marquee and remove it, you will also have to set up and remove decorations. Sometimes elaborate decorations can only make you spend precious time and energy and make you feel frustrated in the end.

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