4 Tips How To Decorate A Marquee

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4 Tips How To Decorate A Marquee

Marquees are ideal for market stalls, festival stalls as well as wedding reception venues. They are rather popular among all sorts of users due to their general properties. Namely, marquees are very easy to set up and do not require a lot of effort. Furthermore, marquees are just as easy to remove, or maybe change their location.

When it comes to weddings, follows of newlyweds choose to have their wedding reception in a marquee. This gives them a range of possibilities and options, from choosing their location, to not having to worry about the number of the guests who will attend, or the noise which to guests are to make.

When it comes from decorating a marquee, and this is especially true for marquees which are used as wedding reception venues, it is really important how you decorate the marquee. Furthermore, you can decorate it in many different ways. Here are four tips when it comes to decorating a marquee.

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  1. Overall Theme

The decorations in your marquee should match will the overall theme of the celebration.  If you are celebrating a wedding, or having the wedding reception in a marquee, you can be creative when it comes to decorating.  However, if you are using your marquee as a festival stall or a market stall, be careful with decorating and make sure and that it is suitable for the given occasion.

  1. Functionality

marqueesSure, you can pull it all sorts of ribbons and bows in your marquee, as well as various balloons and lanterns – however, you should be careful when it comes to functionality!  If you put too many decorations in your marquee you will make it look tacky.  Furthermore, your decoration should be functional.  Therefore we’re should avoid the kind of decoration which only gets in the way of the guests and your celebration.  Ultimately, everything you want is for your guests to have a great time.

  1. Fulfill Your Dreams

When it comes to decoration you can really use your imagination and fulfill your dreams.  Marquees are big enough and spacious enough to allow you to play with decorating and really show your creativity and your talent.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard

Marquees7045One thing to have in mind, though, is trying not to go overboard with decorations.  Sometimes when we try to do something spectacular, it can come off as loud or tacky. In order to preserve good taste and common sense try not to go overboard with decorating the marquee and keep your expectations of decoration realistic. Moreover, I would like to remind you of yet another aspect of decorating: just like you had to set up the marquee and remove it, you will also have to set up and remove decorations. Sometimes elaborate decorations can only make you spend precious time and energy and make you feel frustrated in the end.

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